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THAO & THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN - Holy Roller - Official Video

2013-03-15 1,732 61,976 Vimeo

CREDITS: Director: Mimi Cave Director of Photography: Devin Whetstone Producer: Thorsten Hoppenworth Production Co: Partizan (Jeff Pantaleo & Nicole O'Connell) Editor: Jeffrey McHale Visual Effects Artists: Devin Whetstone, Adam Avilla Assistant Director (day 2): Adrian Elliot Gaffer: Tej Virdi Camera Dept: David Bourke, Sam Lino Colorist: R. Adam Berk, CT-SF Post Producer: Mimi Cave Talent: Thao Nguyen, Adam Avilla, Esme Kundanis-Grow, Zada Hathaway, Vint Carmona Production Assistant: Irma Kollar Background Design & Animation: Rinee Shah, Adam Avilla, Devin Whetstone Special Thanks: CT-SF, Avocados & Coconuts, Jess Bianchi, Ryan Paulger, Nick Read