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Hot Wheels

Track Time 2016 C! No Loops! Just Hot Wheels Track, Boosters And Curves (and bridges)

Subscribe to RaceGrooves Race Grooves Track Time videos test various models on different track layouts. I give tips on which cars ...

2016-12-17 24:33 1,492,521 YouTube

Hot Wheels Stunts

A slow motion compilation of toy car flips, twists and jumps. The tricks featured are the Long Jump, the Falling Roll, the 360 Flip Spin, the Double Roll, the ...

2016-10-10 02:59 1,831,455 YouTube

Pear Plays - Hot Wheels Race Off


2017-01-09 10:58 218,010 YouTube

Hot Wheels Road Trip

Read my new book! Pinball Marble Run Ride along on the Hot Wheels car as it travels ...

2016-08-15 02:04 5,619,967 YouTube


Today we tried out a skateboard made with Hot Wheels as the base of the board for our You Make It, We Skate It series: ...

2017-01-01 21:01 1,558,461 YouTube

Compilation des cascades de Hot Wheels

5MadMovieMakers réalise un nouveau parcours pleins d’obstacles pour ses voitures Hot Wheels. Après avoir réalisé un road trip en petites voiturettes Hot ...

2016-10-11 02:58 47,314 Dailymotion

Disney Pixar Cars New Hauler Launching with Lightning McQueen, Mack , Mater and the Hot Wheels Launc

Disney Pixar Cars New Haulers Launching, with Lightning McQueen, Mack , Mater, and the Hot Wheels Launcher. Featuring all of the haulers I could find, there is ...

2015-01-15 05:11 141,948 Dailymotion

Хот Вилс Карс Мейкер делаем машинки сами на установке для машин для Мистер Макс Hot Wheels Cars Maker set unboxung 2016

Распаковка набора Хотвилс Кар Мейкер делаем 10 машинок сами на установке, купленной на А...

2016-03-27 29:40 45,902 Dailymotion

Посылка с игрушками для Макса , ХотВиллс и Томас и его друзья новое Box with toys Hot Wheels cars Tomas and friends 2016

Распаковываем посылку из Америки с игрушками Хот Вилс Мейкер - набор делать машинки Хот...

2016-03-25 10:36 62,533 Dailymotion

Kid Freaks Out After Go Kart Catches Fire | Hot Wheels

After this kid realizes that the engine of his go kart is on fire, he immediately bails and starts freaking out. His brilliant solution to putting out the fire ...

2015-11-19 00:58 10,653 Dailymotion

Cool Hunting Video: Hot Wheels Design Studio

A recent voyage to El Segundo, California, brought us to the doors of the Mattel headquarters. Inside, we were given the chance to take a behind-the-scenes look...

2013-09-23 03:37 83,882 Vimeo

Hot Wheels - Secret Race Battle

Directors: Chris Staves, Mischa Rozema, Justin Blyth Production: PostPanic Agency: Muse Dutch digital agency Muse approached PostPanic to direct and produce a ...

2011-03-28 03:35 14,630 Vimeo

Hot Wheels - Trailer

Shot at 250 Frames Per Second Full film coming soon......

2009-03-30 00:27 9,942 Vimeo

Hot Wheels

Sábado a tarde. O estacionamento é como um Hot Wheels gigante repleto de motoristas paulistanos....

2010-03-22 01:10 6,648 Vimeo

Hot Wheels viral video for competition

My rejected video for Hot Wheels video competition by

2015-05-06 01:16 1,800 Vimeo