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Amazing and Mind Blowing Auditions Hope you all enjoyed it. Can I get 1 Million views? Subscribe to Got Talent Global:

2017-01-10 21:21 5,469,407 YouTube

Top 10 BEST X Factor Auditions That you have NEVER SEEN or FORGOT about

Top 10 BEST X Factor Auditions from the PAST Subscribe : Did you get your FREE X Factor T-shirt? - Promotion ENDS ...

2016-09-21 19:30 4,864,711 YouTube

Matt Terry wins The X Factor 2016 | The Final Results | The X Factor UK 2016

Visit the official site: He's only gone and done it! Matt Terry has won The X Factor 2016, after winning over the voting public! Tonight ...

2016-12-11 03:46 1,766,039 YouTube

Matt Terry debuts When Christmas Comes Around | Final Result | The X Factor UK 2016

Visit the official site: X Factor winner Matt Terry performed his new single, When Christmas Comes Around, on The X Factor 2016. All the ...

2016-12-11 04:10 1,602,593 YouTube

Prestaţie de excepţie la X Factor! Carla's Dreams & Andreea - "Sub Pielea Mea"

În prima gală din sezonul 6 "X Factor", Alupei Andreea Emilia a cântat melodia interpretată de Carla's Dreams - "Sub Pielea Mea".

2016-09-09 02:34 2,805,136 YouTube

X Factor : un véritable flop, une Française se ridiculise à la télé anglaise Croyant qu'elle allait faire du buzz, le résultat s’est avéré être un véritable flop, cette jeune française, du nom d'Océane Guyot,...

2016-07-09 01:19 75,139 Dailymotion

X Factor- Η Νωαίνα έδειξε τα οπίσθιά της στην κάμερα!

X Factor- Η Νωαίνα έδειξε τα οπίσθιά της στην κάμερα!...

2016-06-29 00:38 51,764 Dailymotion

Агатангелос Агатангелу - X Factor (13.10.2015)

Агатангелос Агатангелу - X Factor (13.10.2015)...

2016-01-29 01:14 72,665 Dailymotion

X Factor

X FACTOR ISRAEL – BRANDING PROMO PromaxBDA 2014 winner Creative Director - Koby Opinkaro Screenplay - Ohad Chen Director & Editor - Tamir Avidor Art Dire...

2014-06-12 01:39 0 Vimeo

The X Factor

To get back his kidnapped daughter, a haggard cab driver sneaks into a warehouse, where a mysterious guild forces "innocent" children to open an ancient trunk. ...

2010-06-11 03:46 6,751 Vimeo

X-Factor Visuals


2012-12-17 03:29 0 Vimeo

One Direction's judge-off! - The X Factor


2010-12-07 02:44 158,987 Vimeo